It’s life!

16 May

What is life?
Who cares?
You should care!

What is life? Many philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, economists, biologists, etc.. spent ages and ages, generations after generations just to find a seemingly-acceptable answer to that particular simple and plain questions. Nobody cares about their convoluted arguments. After all, those books are not written for layman. Each has their own definition. Each views life through their own eyes. Each feels life on their own skin. Each understands life in different way. Because it’s their lives.

Life could be anything really. Life could be whatever one wants it to be. If other people refute one’s opinion, one can always retort “It’s my life! not yours”. Every single life is different.

Life is a game. God deals the playing cards. People pick them up and start playing. Some of the cards are sure to be crappy, some maybe awesome. It depends on how they choose them to use. They can choose to give up those worthless cards, or swindle people into giving them their desired cards. Or they can keep their original cards and try to make the best of them. It’s up to them to play whichever they want.

They may lose one round, and win the next. One can never lose, whereas another always suffers the bitterness of loss. One can win by cheating, while cheating ends another’s game. Everyone cannot win. It’s a game after all. There are always winners and losers. Life is grueling, remorseless but rewarding game.

And one can choose to restart the game, or leave the table.

Life is a frenetic masquerade. People wear masks and unusual apparel. They have different masks for different places and occasions. The masks that they don can be magnificent  and splendid, or pleasant and plain, or macabre and disgusting. One can excel in keeping their mask on, while some are so clumsy that they even drop their mask.

The dropped glass masks shatter and cut their limbs.

The bizarre attire hides their true form. People will definitely be attracted by the attire’s fascinating and eye-catching weirdness and try to compare theirs with other’s, completely forget what lies beneath those garments.

Life is a gigantic collection of mirrors. The way they treat others will be the way others treat them. The way they should treat others is the way they expect others to treat them. They shouldn’t treat others the way they don’t want to be treated. Others are their reflection, and they are others’ reflection.

However, there are many types of mirror. There are convex mirrors that provide a wider field of view than normal mirrors. There are distorted mirrors that produce unusual reflections.

Mirrors are so easy to break.

Life is a penitentiary. Where people are locked up behind their looks, their races, their colors, their beliefs, their religions, their backgrounds. They are chained by superstitions and stereotypes. Prejudices are their locks, and the key sometimes impossible to be found. While their truthful words cannot get through the walls of their cells, their lies create more chains and bars.

Some are comfortable in there. Some feel suffocated and long to break out. Some fail to do, some succeed. They are free, and they are regarded as eccentric at best and freak at worst.

Life is a chaotic maze. People wander inside it, hopelessly seek for the exit. Every time they take a turn, something unanticipated happens. Life is where a king today can become a beggar tomorrow, and vice versa. “The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability” – Ratatouille.

Life is full of lies. And one can choose to oppose them and unveil the ugly truth. Or accept them and live happily and peacefully. Ignorance is bliss.

Life is said to be littered with pains and miseries. With unhappiness and bad luck. With liars and hypocrites. With unfortunate and beggars.

Life is hideous.

Life is believed to be filled to be the brim with joviality and love. With smile and laughter. With fortune and bliss. With lovers and helpers. With friends and families.

Life is, well, resplendent.


source: SIERADE

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